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The Reverie Saigon | The Spa | Spa and Beauty Treatments

Origins of Love

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Our spacious treatment rooms are leather-clad walls in a creamy shade of café au lait, Earthlite spa beds draped with plush 400-thread count sheets and Frette bath linens.

They also come equipped with bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favourite playlists. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to bathe each suite, cuing mind and body to relax and unwind, while our expertly trained therapists work with some of the very best products in the industry to meet your needs.

From recovering from jet lag and reducing stress, to improving circulation and restoring your natural radiance, you’ll be in good hands with our team of highly trained therapists. Based on consultation with your therapist, each treatment will be tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

*All prices are quoted in Vietnamese Dong
*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% VAT
*Treatment list & prices are subject to change without notice

    The Reverie Experiences


      The privilege of riches, love & honor

      The Spa at The Reverie Saigon is the perfect hideaway to spoil you & your loved one with an enjoyable experience together. Created for individuals who enjoy the finer things in life, your visit begins with the splendour of a limousine pick up within Saigon. Upon arrival at the spa, enter an enchanting atmosphere accentuated with candlelight, a bouquet of roses, music, Canapés & a bottle of Champagne to welcome your privileged celebration. Soon after, soothe your mind & body to reveal natural & supple skin beauty. Basked in candlelight with your eyes closed, slip into a smooth heavenly massage of sensual oils to penetrate & elevate the sense of love, romance & intimacy. A rejuvenating mixology & a selection of spa refreshments, will be presented after the treatment to celebrate your
      memorable time before a farewell offering of a special Chocolate Gift Set.

      limousine pick up | Welcome celebration | Foot ritual sugar with honey scrub | Rain shower | Heavenly massage with mini facial | Scalp massage | Refreshment


      The Reverie Saigon is proud to offer you our unique sensory experience

      This retreat performed by two therapists unison in a remarkable ritual that inspires a harmony of the senses. Four Hands work in perfectly synchronized waves & long soothing strokes to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations. The treatment concludes with a customized facial, a simultaneous head & foot massage leaving the mind uplifted, & body energized.
      This unique signature is created to provide more than double the results of ultimate indulgence.

      Foot ritual | Synchronized four hands massage | Mini facial | Foot massage | Refreshment

    Signature Treatments


      A unique massage experience in Vietnam.

      Bringing together cupping therapy & Vietnamese massage techniques with Asian-inspired stretching, this popular massage stimulates your circulation & reduces tension. The cupping tools are used primarily on the back & help to derange toxins in our body system, while the full-body massage focuses on releasing back tension, smoothing our signature blended oils into your skin to instill deep relaxation, resulting in a stress-relieving therapy that is also perfect if you are suffering from jet lag.

      Foot ritual | Vietnamese massage | Vietnamese cupping on the back area & lymphatic drainage | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      Unwind and let the unique massage remind you of pure weightlessness and stress-relief

      Discover the inspired Reverie journey to the soul to find peace & serenity, practices from Zen foot ritual to calm your mind, brings more clarity & encourage inner peace with holistic fusion of the warm bamboo & butterfly massage, takes its influence from a healing philosophy which helps to release muscle tension, increase flexibility & enhance harmony.

      Foot ritual | Bamboo & butterfly massage | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshments


      The essence of life for the total well-being of body, mind and soul.

      Recharging & balancing aromatherapy is a powerful healer. Choose one of our five signature blended oils, created to deliver the utmost in aromatic power, choose the scent that instinctively appeals the most. This full-body massage uses both gentle Swedish massage techniques that noticeably boost your immune system & increase energy levels, helping to calm the nervous system, reduce your stress levels & improve your sleep. It is also perfect if you are suffering from jet lag.

      Foot ritual | Inhalation therapy | Aromatherapy massage | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      The Thai journey to the heart of your inner self.

      Embrace the essence of Thai culture with herbal compression in oriental-inspired blended oils combined together with recharging & balancing massage techniques. This popular Asian fusion performs slowly from gentle to deep pressure upon your desire. Lying down, eyes closed, let your body & mind fall into a deep relaxation.

      Foot ritual | Gentle body stretching | Combination Thai and Swedish massage | Warm herbal compression | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      The Thai secret for feeling energized and balanced.

      Traditional Thai massage is a cross between acupressure, yoga & shiatsu. Inspired by Buddhist teaching, the experience involves the effortless positioning of your body into yoga-like poses as our very experienced therapist skillfully maneuvers gentle stretches to promote flexibility & vitality, reduces tension & stress & improves your body’s overall circulation.

      Foot ritual | Traditional Thai massage | Full-body stretch | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      A sense of calm and well-being.

      Naturally a warm pampering sense by lava stone with calming chakra therapy onto the body & allowed to work its natural magic. Warmed stones are placed over body’s chakra to encourage the balancing energy & restorative level, while soothing the muscles & drawing out tension. This treatment for mind & body goes beyond normal massage to target stress or tension & replace them with a sense of calm & well-being.

      Foot ritual │ Chakra balancing │ Smooth lava stone massage │ Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment

    The Massage By ILA


      Ayurveda healing mind & body

      ILA’s Serenity Deep Tissue massage exclusively designed for The Spa at The Reverie Saigon is inspired by Ayurvedic
      healing traditions.
      The treatment begins with a soothing foot bath, after which warm, herbal compresses saturated in pine, amber & frankincense are placed on your lower back (or neck) to begin relaxing muscles & stimulate circulation. A rhythmic deep-tissue massage is then performed, using ILA’s Earth & Fire Essential Oil blend, to reduce joint pain & eliminate muscle fatigue, ultimately restoring polarity & balance within your body. The treatment concludes with the application of gentle acupressure using a warm Himalayan salt poultice to further soothe your muscles.

      Foot ritual | Warm herbal compress | Ayurvedic deep tissues massage | Himalayan salt poultice |
      Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      .Detoxifying & Balancing

      This revitalising full body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue & restore strength & harmony. Specialized massage techniques, marma therapy & hot poultices blend with energy-enhancing essential oils to leave mind, body & spirit sparkling with vitality.

      Foot ritual | Vitality massage | 10 petal’s marma point therapy | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      Harmonising & Revitalising.

      This Tibetan body treatment balances the five elements to restore a harmonious flow of energy & vitality. A blend of five essential oils work together to stabilise the five sensory organs, while Tibetan techniques – hand cupping, kneading, & chakra therapy by using hot stone/Himalayan salt poultice acupressure soothing on body marma point – help release physical & mental tension, harmonizing from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head.

      Foot ritual | Tibetan massage | Himalayan salt marma point therapy | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment

    Deep Relaxation and Nurturing Massage


      An inner peace massage restores positive energy: relaxing & harmonizing for a profound feeling of calm combined with ILA high qualities of Algren oil. A face therapy with hart crystals & face marma point.

      Foot ritual | Relaxing & harmonizing massage | Relaxing face therapy | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment

    Foot and Hand Ritual


      Relaxing & Detoxifying.

      This deluxe foot treatment helps to stimulate circulation as well as revitalize & remineralize tired feet. Using Eucalyptus essential oil & Turkish salts, the feet are exfoliated followed by a rejuvenating minerals foot soak. The lower legs will be wrapped with warmed Moor Mud to heal, soothe & rejuvenate tired muscles & dull skin. A massage with invigorating Fuß Balm & Ginger Oil concludes this revitalizing experience.

      Foot ritual |Calm mind ritual | Foot bath | Turkish foot scrub | Moor mud release foot wrap | Relaxing scalp | Fuß Balm massage|Refreshment


      Nourishing & Hydrating

      This deluxe treatment incorporates a unique product. Hands are soaked in muscle-relieving minerals followed by a Multi-Acid Peel for hand exfoliation based on a 20% multi-acid complex. The forearms are wrapped to soak up essential elements from the Spirulina Masque & a hand massage based on Neroli Essences to deeply nourish & brighten up the skin.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Hand soak | Multi-acid peel | Spirulina nourishing wrap | Relaxing scalp | Hand massage| Refreshment


      Release tension & Relaxing

      Combining a deeply relaxing foot massage with natural warm lava stone acupuncture techniques, this treatment offers an effective method of releasing tension & helping to restore the body’s natural balance & well-being.

      Foot ritual | Body balancing | Lava relaxing foot massage | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment

    Body Scrubs


      A creamy, aromatic scrub with Chamomile & gentle buffing grains sweeps away dull surface cells as an invigorating loofah massage stimulates circulation, leaving the body feeling smooth, refreshed & hydrated.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Chamomile & loofah shower | Bath gel with loofah | Shower | Body moisturizer | Refreshment


      Enjoy customizing your luxurious earthly mineral salt scrub with Neroli Aromatherapy Oil. This uplifting treatment includes a brisk exfoliation followed by a luxurious application of botanical essential oils specially chosen according to skin type & mood.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Luxury fine salt scrub with eucalyptus | Shower | Body moisturizer | Refreshment


      Healing of Himalayan crystals

      Drawing on the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this heavenly body scrub nourishes both bodily & emotional well-being – ideal for when special pampering is required. Pure essential oils of Damascena rose otto, jasmine & sandalwood work directly with the sensory organs to settle the nervous system & revive stressed or neglected cells. Skin is left glowing with health & a sense of joy is restored.

      Foot ritual | ILA body connects ritual | Himalayan salt body polishes | Pure essential oil | Refreshment


      Power of Mantras & Chakras

      Reclaim peaceful sleep & joyful dreams. This complete body experience commences with a soothing body scrub to release toxins trapped within the body. A full body massage & facial follow, built around the power of mantras, designed to calm the nervous system, balance the chakras & restore the body’s magnetic field.

      Foot ritual | ILA body connect ritual | Soothing body polish | Pure essential oil | Refreshment

    Body Wrap


      A serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator & a natural anti-aging boost

      A revitalizing European therapy using authentic thermal Moor Mud to heal, soothe & rejuvenate tired muscles & dull skin. It takes over one thousand years for natural processes to create three meters of this black organic mud, rich in thermal water-derived minerals & trace elements (35%). Moor Mud is harvested near one of only two spa lakes in the world (fed by a geothermal hot water spring & a cool water stream). This treatment remineralizes, softens & purifies the face & body. The Moor Mud Wrap is recommended to precede the Massage.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Moor mud wrap | Acupressure point | Relaxing scalp massage | Shower | Grapefruit body oil moisturizer | Refreshment


      Detoxifying & combating cellulite

      Using an all-natural, live Spirulina Algae, this seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals & protein to nourish & revitalize the body. The body is wrapped to soak up essential elements from the Spirulina Masque. The application of Remineralizing Body Crème mixed with Grapefruit Bath & Body Oil finishes this purifying & remineralizing treatment. Effective when used as part of a slimming or nourishing program. Including face acupressure point.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Spirulina wrap | Acupressure point | Relaxing scalp massage | Shower |Neroli body oil moisturizer | Refreshment


      Refresh & Nourishing non-electric heat application

      Healing, moisturizing Organic Aloe Vera combines with shooting Lavender for a skin-quenching experience. Includes scalp & foot massage.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Warm body compress | Aloe gel lavender | Body spray |Relaxing scalp & foot massage | Refreshment


      Fatigue & energy depletion is one of the biggest afflictions plaguing today’s 24/7 societies. This amazing pearl & jasmine Himalayan salt crystal scrub has the immediate effect of restoring vitality & energy levels, mental clarity, wellbeing & strength. The ensuing amethyst gel body wrap relaxes & balances the nervous system, stimulating circulation, regeneration of skin cells & cell growth.

      Foot ritual | ILA body connects ritual | Crystal scrub | Amethyst body wrap | Scalp massage | Refreshment

    The Face


      Good for Very Dry, Mature skin, Loss of Hydration &Elasticity, Fine lines & wrinkles

      A decadent facial utilizing marine protein to firm, tone, refine & deeply hydrate the skin. Results are immediate, leaving skin looking supple, healthy & luminescent.
      Rejuvenate the skin with an ancient art of Gua Sha combined with protein-dense marine spirulina for a visibly firm, contoured & glowing complexion. Expert massage techniques with specialized Jade tools stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, improve circulation & enhance natural hydration while botanical essences nourish, replenish & fortify skin. Tension is released, puffiness is reduced, & clarity is enhanced, leaving the face, neck & décolleté visibly smoother, tighter & more radiant. The facial is complete with a unique alginate peel-off masque to deeply hydrate & soothes.

      Foot ritual | Signature neroli cleaner & neroli water | Enzyme peel | Aculifting massage with Jade Gua Sha technique |Mask 1: spirulina mask | Mask 2: alginate peel-o chitosan mask | Hyaluronic serum + jade roller | Face & lip hydration | Relaxing hand or scalp massage | Refreshment


      Good for Dry, Dullness, Pigmentation Skin, Tired and Stress Skin.

      Results-oriented treatment customized to target specific skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, congestion, fine lines & premature aging.
      This specific treatment delivers brightening & clarity for immediate luminosity. With this results-oriented facial, the hands, face, neck & décolleté are treated with effective formulas that even out skin texture and tone. Using a powerful blend of skin-illuminating botanicals & Acti-5 Brightening Complex, along with a multi-acid peel, & a unique cooling masque with luminous rice, skin appears lighter, brighter & more refined.

      Foot ritual | Gentle AHA | BHA cleaner & toner | Pro 30 multi AHA | BHA peel & pH neutralizer | Rejuvenating massage with face hydrate + 16 acupressure points | Brightening luminous mask | Brightening serum & eye + Beauty globes | Face & lip hydration | Relaxing hand or scalp massage | Refreshment


      Good for Combination, Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive Skin, Smoker, Environment Stress

      Ultra-oxygenating, anti-aging treatment based on vitamin-rich super berries & plant cell cultures fortifies, rejuvenates & renews. Concentrated, nourishing oils, serums & plant essences combine with exclusive acupressure & Deep relaxing with jade Gua Sha technique followed by a face & neck massage, Spirulina algae – rich for increased cellular renewal & a healthy radiance.

      Foot ritual | Fruit enzyme exfoliate | Gua Sha relaxing massage | Spirulina antioxidant mask | BerryPlus antioxidant serum + Beauty globes | Eye, face & lip hydration | Relaxing hand or scalp massage | Refreshment


      Good for Oily, Combination, Acne & Problematic Skin

      Powerful Pre- & Probiotics, skin-clearing massage, nourishing masque & refining serum infusion return the skin microbiome to its ideal state.
      Reset your complexion with this all-natural facial designed to return the skin’s microbiome to its ideal, most functional state. Balancing pre- & probiotics, cell-renewing fruit enzymes & skin-replenishing minerals combine with a clearing massage using Jade tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, & improve circulation. Our exclusive natural probiotic serum is then infused into the skin with a calming Jade Roller, leaving it refreshed, renewed & restored.

      Foot ritual | Enzyme cleaner & Probiotic mineral tonic | Moor mud exfoliate | Deep cleansing massage | Algae gel hydration mask | Probiotic serum + Beauty globes | Eye, face & lip hydration | Relaxing hand or scalp massage | Refreshment


      Regenerative & Rejuvenate

      This restorative facial draws on intensely healing rainforest extracts to rejuvenate facial skin. Warm herbs, lymphatic drainage techniques & an Amazonian mud mask encourage toxin release & reduce water retention, increase blood supply & boost collagen production at a cellular level. Skin tone is brightened & muscle contraction is inhibited, softening fine lines & wrinkles.

      Foot ritual | Regenerative facial | Lymphatic drainage techniques & Himalaya salt therapy marma point massage | Relaxing scalp | Refreshment


      Illuminating & Radiance

      This divine therapy restores natural luminance by increasing blood circulation & stimulating the free-flow of energy to facial cells. Specialized techniques combine with powerful damascene rose Otto & sandalwood oils to reduce inflammation, address hormonal imbalance & open the energy center of the face: skin glows with radiance & a sense of peace pervades the body.

      Foot ritual | Radiance facial | Blissful light techniques massage & face marma point | Organic face oil |Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment



      Sensorial experience to return to origins

      Take a deep breath & indulge yourself with a renewed sense of well-being with this nurturing treatment experience.
      Eucalyptus-infused foot cleansing ritual with relaxing foot massage combines deluxe hot stone massage with a relaxing effect, uses heated stones to generate energy & create a sense of balance. Neroli body oil aromatic therapies to calm mind to match your mood & needs for the day, continuing on your voyage, our Brightening facial treatment & strengthen new skin leave it feeling completely clear & flawlessly smooth.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Energy balancing | Foot cleansing ritual | Neroli oil aromatic & warm stone massage | Brightening facial with face acupressure | Refreshment


      Balancing Mind & Body therapy

      Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, & muscle function & overall well-being. This ultimate wellness treatment combines the benefits of a warm body compress by using high quality lavender essence aroma to promote a relaxing combined Turkish scrub. After an exfoliating enjoys your moment Moor Mud wrap is immersed in 100% organic to relax & replenish. A soothing massage follows with remineralizing body crème & detox oil to nourish the skin as muscles relax & tension dissipates. A bio mineral face care is included to accomplish the whole experience.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Warm body compress | Turkish Scrub | Moor mud body wrap | Shower | Detox massage | Bio mineral face care | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      A complete head-to-toe relaxation journey

      Let Ginger’s healing & warming properties invigorate & nourish in this renewing head-to-toe treatment. Begins with Loofah body exfoliation to smooth your skin & stimulate lymphatic circulation. Following is a pampering full body massage focusing on the back, neck & shoulder massage with Ginger Oil & warm healing stones. Face pressure point & relaxing scalp massage.

      Foot ritual | Calm mind ritual | Loofah body exfoliation | Ginger oil massage with warm stone |Face pressure point | Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment


      The Reverie Saigon is proud to offer you our unique sensory experience

      This retreat performed by two therapists unison in a remarkable ritual that inspires a harmony of the senses. Four Hands work in perfectly synchronized waves & long soothing strokes to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations. The treatment concludes with a customized facial, a simultaneous head & foot massage leaving the mind uplifted, & body energized.

      This unique signature is created to provide more than double the results of ultimate indulgence.

      Foot ritual | Synchronized four hands massage | Mini facial | Foot massage | Refreshment


      Designed for couples to experience together

      This sensual ritual helps calm the nervous system & promotes reconnection on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Focusing on the heart, sacral & crown chakras, it draws on the strength of three exquisite oils – rose (the oil of love), orange blossom (bliss) & jasmine (for stimulating the flow of love) – to encourage a beautiful union of body, mind & soul.

      Foot Ritual | Body Scrub | Mini Face Cleansing | Chakra Massage | Sirodara | Refreshment

    Beauty Rituals

    1. WAXING

      There is an attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that will enhance all aspects of your life, including your love life & looking your best for important events. After waxing, your skin will look & feel smooth & beautiful at the same time. For best results, hair should be at least ¼ inch in length.



      A full relaxing foot soak, nail cutting & full cuticle care followed by nail buffing.


      Nail shaping & clipping, a full hand soak, full cuticle maintenance, an application of cuticle oil & full hand moisturizing followed by nail buffing.


      For the ultimate hand spa treatment including shaping, buffing, cuticle detailing, exfoliation with honey sugar glow from Spa Ritual to condition leaving hands silky soft. Followed by a wonderful full hand massage with warm stone that will leave skin plump & radiant, followed by polish.


      A truly Pampered Spa Pedicure for a well-deserved treat, your feet are bathed in a sensational soaking bath & honey sugar glow exfoliation. Reshaped nails, groomed & conditioned cuticles & calluses removed. Smooth warm stones massaged on the feet & calves, rubbing out tension is an experience like no other followed by polish. Finish your treatment with a foot massage. This is the perfect recipe for softer skin & for a vibrant healthy glow followed by the polish.


      Relax while applying a new color to your nails.


      Relax while unwanted nail gel color is removed.


      Relax while unwanted nail color is removed.

    The Reverie Saigon | People Profiles | Spa Therapist

    Welcoming guests to an elegant and luxurious spa and wellness experience. Be truly pampered during your stay in our decadent private treatment rooms or visit the salon wing, dedicated to hair and beauty treatments. Relax and rejuvenate in the hands of our team of highly trained therapists.