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The Reverie Saigon | Cafe Cardinal | Breakfast Buffet

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Café Cardinal, one of Southeast Asia’s most distinctive all-day dining venues, delivers stunning views of Saigon from its airy, sixth floor perch, as well as a tempting take on the artful culinary work conducted in its show kitchen – segueing from a continental menu by day to distinctly French flavours by night.

At The Royal Pavilion, a team of Vietnam’s most skilled Hong Kongese chefs showcase sophisticated fare in a regal setting while at R&J, traditional Italian dishes marked by subtle detours into contemporary culinary trends are served up in a setting as passionate as its inspiration – Romeo & Juliet.

At The Long @ Times Square, the warmth of a classic Italian sidewalk trattoria tempts casual dining, while for those on the go, The Reverie Boutique serves up homemade artisanal breads, cakes and pastries as well as made-to-order sandwiches and salads all day long.

Each venue cultivates a distinctive ambiance, from the chic interiors of Café Cardinal to R&J’s striking back-lit bar, from The Royal Pavilion’s magnificent jade accents to The Long @ Times Square’s lively vibe.

The Reverie Saigon | Chef | Giovanni Parrella
Chef | Giovanni Parrella

Born in Napoli Italy, with his cooking career beginning at the tender age of 13, Giovanni’s journey to Executive Chef of The Reverie Saigon has been one of hard work, dedication and devotion. His commitment to food has seen him work all over the world from family-style eateries to Michelin rated restaurants. Executive Chef Giovanni Parrella brings his Italian passion for food to The Reverie Saigon’s venues and ones within WMC group. At the Reverie Saigon hotel, he oversees the operations, menus and quality across Café Cardinal, The Royal Pavilion, The Reverie Boutique and The Long @ Times Square.