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Treatments | The Reverie Saigon Spa | Luxury Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City


Ayurveda healing mind & body

ILA’s Serenity Deep Tissue massage exclusively designed for The Spa at The Reverie Saigon is inspired by Ayurvedic
healing traditions.
The treatment begins with a soothing foot bath, after which warm, herbal compresses saturated in pine, amber & frankincense are placed on your lower back (or neck) to begin relaxing muscles & stimulate circulation. A rhythmic deep-tissue massage is then performed, using ILA’s Earth & Fire Essential Oil blend, to reduce joint pain & eliminate muscle fatigue, ultimately restoring polarity & balance within your body. The treatment concludes with the application of gentle acupressure using a warm Himalayan salt poultice to further soothe your muscles.

Foot ritual | Warm herbal compress | Ayurvedic deep tissues massage | Himalayan salt poultice |
Relaxing scalp massage | Refreshment