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The Reverie Saigon | The Design | Cassina
Times Square Saigon | Designers | Cassina

Founded by the brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina in 1927, Cassina launched industrial design in Italy during the 1950s, working with important architects and designers to create fresh, new designs.

In 1964, the Cassina Maestri (Cassina Masters) collection debuted, born from its acquisition of the rights to reproduce works by some of the most iconic figures of 20th century design, including the likes of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Since 2005, Cassina has been part of the formidable Poltrona Frau Group.

saigon-suite-parlour-cassina-f-the-reverie-saigon | Luxury Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon


At The Reverie Saigon, Cassina’s impeccable stable of designers and reproduction rights adds an era-defining style to the one-of-a-kind Saigon Suite, with its spectacular collection of iconic pieces.

Highlights include an exquisite reproduction of an Allen dining table and iconic Barrel chairs originally designed by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Saigon Suite | Luxury Hotel Saigon | The Reverie Saigon
saigon-suite-living-poltrona-frau-f-the-reverie-saigon | Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon
Saigon Suite | Luxury Hotel Saigon | The Reverie Saigon


And in the suite’s living room stands a magnificently re-engineered Veliero (Italian for ‘sailing ship’) bookcase originally dreamt up by famed Italian architect Franco Albini in 1940 for his home in Milan. Its contemporary reproduction comprises some 1,800 individual pieces.

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