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Poltrona Frau

Panorama Suite Poltrona Frau | Vietnam Accommodation | The Reverie Saigon
Times Square Saigon | Designers | Poltrona Frau

Established in 1912 in Turin, the Poltrona Frau brand has become synonymous with the very finest Italian craftsmanship, buttery-soft leathers and iconic, innovative designs.

The company is dedicated to research and innovation, including the meticulous sourcing and processing of raw materials – the most recognised of which is its trademark Pelle Frau leather – and ingenuous collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned designers.

saigon-suite-living-poltrona-frau-f-the-reverie-saigon | Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon


Poltrona Frau’s creative designs combining traditional leatherwork techniques with technological innovation are standout features in some of The Reverie Saigon’s most distinctive spaces, including the brand’s buttery soft leather Chester One sofas and armchairs in the extravagant Saigon Suite.

These iconic furnishings first designed in 1912 by Renzo Frau – and some of which can take 55 hours to craft by hand – take centre stage in the bi-level suite’s lofty living room.

saigon-suite-detail-poltrona-frau-f-the-reverie-saigon | Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon
panorama-suite-poltrona-frau-f-the-reverie-saigon | Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon
saigon-suite-cocktail-cabinet-poltrona-frau-f-the-reverie-saigon | Hotels in Saigon | The Reverie Saigon


In the Panorama Suite by Poltrona Frau, the custom-designed Isidoro cocktail cabinet by Jean-Marie Massaud is a stylish nod to vintage travel trunks.

Additional standout pieces include as a pair of avant-garde San Luca leather armchairs uniquely juxtaposed with a pony-skin re-edition of the famed 1965 Gio Ponti-designed Dezza sofa.

Panorama Suite Poltrona Frau | Hotels in Saigon District 1 | The Reverie Saigon

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