A Design Aficionado’s dream

Eschewing the conventional for the extraordinary, understatement for overstatement, and the indigenous for the Italian, The Reverie Saigon proudly showcases works by some of the greatest minds in traditional and contemporary Italian design and craftsmanship.

Here, explore the brands featured throughout the hotel – from its guestrooms to its spa, from its restaurants & bars to its public spaces – and uncover which ones you’d like to experience up close & personal.

“I can’t think of any other property anywhere in the world that has brought together so many of Italy’s leading furnishings design brands...
except, perhaps, a museum.”

Giulio Cappellini, art director of Poltrona Frau Group and iconic trendsetter

Designer Suite Giorgetti | Spa Hotel Saigon | The Reverie Saigon


Founded in Meda in 1898, the Giorgetti Family’s brand reputation was formed upon the unique quality and innovation of its cabinet-making, originally designed to cater mainly to Italy’s most prestigious and noble families.

Its product range has since expanded to feature sculptural furnishings with an extraordinary attention to craftsmanship and artisan techniques.

Today, its distinctive works continue to exude excellence in Italian design, creativity and style – including throughout The Reverie Saigon.